Lukuba Island Lodge

Lukuba Island Lodge is situated on Lukuba Island 13 kilometers off the shore of Lake Victoria in the Musoma District. Lake Victoria is the source of the Nile and the largest body of fresh water in Africa (and second largest in the world after Lake Superior).

Lukuba Island Lodge caters to the needs of travellers seeking an exclusive venture to compliment their Safari.

Lukuba Island Lodge is built on a remote private island, located just an hour away by boat from Musoma town and offers an opportunity to get out of a vehicle whilst on safari and to be able to relax in privacy and comfort in an unusually unique water surrounded setting, adding another bit of diversity to the classic safari itinerary.


The lodge itself is comprised of five intricately built stone bungalows and three tented cabins, all with lake views.

The stone built dining room encompasses a beautiful view of the rock islands scattered across the channel. Set under masses of large fig trees and flanked by granite monoliths on one of the picturesque Lukuba Island Lodge.


With countless species of birds a nature lover’s day can be easily made; to add to this, wildlife such as Nile monitor lizards, spotted necked otters are commonly seen. From a cultural perspective local fishing villages sail the lake and island shores offering a glimpse into the traditional way of life.

One may enjoy surrounding wildlife from a leisurely canoe or boat ride around the island, or perhaps by hiking about the large and interesting vantage points on the massive rocks.

Lake Victoria’s birdlife is staggering. Tiny islets contain huge nesting colonies of egrets, cormorants and gannets and territorial fish eagles patrol every 100 yards.


Lukuba Lodge is situated in
Lake Victoria at approximately
10  25 S, 330  44 E. The average
altitude of the lake is 1,134 meters
(3,720 ft.) above sea level, and
the islands are west of Musoma
in an off-shore archipelago of
three larger islands surrounded
by countless smaller islets, each
teeming with birds and marine life.

How to reach the island?

To reach Musoma (where our boat will pick you up), the choices are either to go overland via car or fly via small plane into Musoma which has a year round government airport with Customs and Immigration facilities. There is also an airport at Mwanza, which is a 245 kilometers drive to Musoma on a well-paved road. (Transfers can be arranged upon request.) Guests are met in the town of Musoma by our manager and escorted to the staging point for departure on board of our boat. The journey to the island takes approximately 45 minutes.

How is the weather on the island?

Lukuba's climate is, to say the least, comfortable. With an elevation of over 3,700 feet and an average daily temperature of 74 degrees, the island is a wonderful place to visit year round. The rainy season of April / May (the "long rains") may preclude some daytime activities, but generally the days are sunny, warm with a gentle breeze arriving in the afternoon.

As with all safari travel, we recommend bringing comfortable outdoor clothing that can be worn in layers. Shorts are great during the day, but long pants or skirts might be a little warmer for cooler evenings. A lightweight, windproof jacket is also not a bad idea for boat trips or early evening walks. Sandals are great on the beach, and while a pair of hiking boots aren't necessary, running shoes or sneakers might be good for those going hiking.

Which activities are possible on the island?

The activities possible on the island lodge are : a boat trip around the island, kayaking on the lake, escorted walks on the island, hiking to the sunset rocks,
a small swimming pool is available and fishing with our traditional boat.

Is there electricity on the island?

Electricity is provided by a silenced generator a few hours in the morning and a few hours in the evening.

Which rooms are available?

There are a total of eight rooms comprised of five stone built bungalows on Kyameto bay and three large permanent tents on Gonolek Bay. The bungalows have enclosed bathrooms and the tented cabins have outside bathrooms.

Bird Lover Island?

Lukuba Island Lodge is the perfect destination for Bird lovers. Our bird list include over 120 species seen on the island.

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