The Anasa safari collection is dedicated to conservation in Tanzania and specifically in the particular areas where they operate. Since conservation and people are directly linked, the safaris actively support the communities, by employing local people, paying conservation fees to the communities, and purchasing all local goods whenever possible.

Environmental and Social responsibility

The landscapes and wildlife in Africa are two of its important features. With increasing numbers of tourists and the threat this brings to the environment, we are acutely aware of how important it is to support and promote the environment in the regions we operate.

  • The main parks are over crowed and this human impact is damaging these sensitive areas, therefore we believe in designing itineraries that, where possible, support private conservancies, sanctuaries or community projects and therefore support innovative projects that are conserving new protected areas.
  • We support local community based projects. Kisima Ngeda helps in educating the local community and direct income from tourism to those communities, leads to a better understanding of the importance of preserving their environment and culture.
  • Our camps and Lodges are Eco friendly, where management acts responsible to the environment and local communities in all ways possible.
  • We give priority to smaller camps and lodges, providing more personal experience to our clients.
  • We take great effort to continuously train our guides and by promoting tailor made and small group safaris, our guides can establish more personal relationship with their clients focusing on environmental, economic and social issues during their travel.