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A semi-permanent tented camp situated in the undiscovered Mkomazi National Park and a conservation success story, including successful wild dog and black rhino reintroductions. This private camp offers a peaceful, relaxing experience in a beautiful African landscape where today one can still enjoy the whole park as though it is ones own. The Mkomazi National Park is a spectacular wildlife & wilderness destination. Mkomazi is Tanzania’s newest National Park, it is excellent for birding, and its mammals are rapidly recovering from the heavy poaching of the 80′s.

The Park covers an area of 3,700 sq. km. protected on its northern border by Tsavo National Park in Kenya. There is a wide variety of flora and fauna with 78 species of mammals including elephant, kudu, hartebeest, giraffe and aardwolf. Endangered African wild dog and black rhino have been introduced to Mkomazi with the aid of the Wildlife Preservation Trust.

There are approximately 450-recorded species of birds in Mkomazi, making it a birdwatcher’s paradise. The Park represents species and ecosystems not commonly found in East Africa making it an unusual alternative or addition to a Northern Circuit safari.


Babus’ Camp has 5 large, walk-in canvas safari tents with en suite facilities. The tents are well-attended tents, comfortably furnished with a bed, wardrobe, changing area, safari chairs and a writing desk. Each tent has an ensuite bathroom with flush toilets and hot showers.

The dining tent offers ample seating inside and out on its verandahs as well as a full service bar.


With views of Kilimanjaro, guests can also walk, in addition to drive, in Mkomazi National Park.

Mkomazi not only provides a home to a tremendous variety of wildlife it symbolizes a traditional East African safari experience, dining under canvas and sundowners around the Campfire.


Babu’s Camp is situated in northeastern Tanzania, approximately two and a half hours southeast of Arusha by road or 40 minutes by air from Kilimanjaro airport.  It lies  entirely within the newly gazetted Mkomazi National Park, which  covers an area of 3,700 sq. km.,  sharing its northern border with Tsavo National Park in Kenya.

Shadowed by the Usambara and Pare mountains, MKomazi stretches along a semi-arid savanna arc of acacia-covered beauty, with views of Mount Kilimanjaro in the distance. Infrequently visited, it’s home to animals that are difficult to see anywhere else in Tanzania.

Set in the hills 11 km. from the park’s Zange gate, the camp is a  little more than an hour from the Mkomazi Rhino Sanctuary where Tony Fitzjohn has established Tanzania’s first Black Rhino breeding program.


What’s Included?

Included while staying at Babu’s Camp: three delicious, freshly prepared camp cuisine meals -- breakfast, lunch, and dinner (along with bottled water at every meal). Laundry service is available, time permitting. The dining tent offers ample seating inside and out on its verandahs, and there is a full service bar set up next to a gigantic baobab each night.

Electricity is provided by a silenced generator (220 Volt, 07:00-09:00 and 18:30-23:00 daily), which provides lighting throughout the camp and in the tents.

As a traditional safari camp, there is no email or phone communication for guests. The camp is equipped with an HF radio in the event of an emergency.

Will we see Black Rhinos?

The Rhino Sanctuary/wild dog project exists as an independent, privately run not-for-profit organization and is in no way engaged in any business relationship with Babu’s Camp.

Rhinos are very difficult to see for most of the year so chances of a sighting are very minimal. They can only be seen on some occasions in the dry season when they are drinking.

The visit can only be confirmed at the camp by our camp manager. This is completely at the discretion of the Sanctuary management.

Can we really see Mt. Kilimanjaro from camp?

Yes, if you’re game to walk up the hill behind camp and the clouds don’t obscure the summit .

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