About Anasa Safaris

The Anasa Safari Collection launched as the newest circuit of Tanzanian safari experiences, spanning Arusha, Mkomazi, Lake Eyasi, Lake Victoria and the famed Serengeti. While the circuit is new, this collection of properties and experiences draws on the classic East African safari experience, offering travelers old world charm, thrilling wildlife and cultural interactions and the very best safari guiding.

The Anasa Safari Collection is the manifestation of George Mavroudis’ love of Tanzania. Having lived in Tanzania his entire life, George is a renowned, private safari guide who embodies a bygone era of adventure and luxury in the African bush. Incorporating George’s hand-picked locations across Tanzania and boutique safari properties managed by his friends and family, The Anasa Safari Collection embodies intimate and meaningful experiences and harnesses the adventure of a vintage East African safari adventure.

“I’ve watched Tanzania mature into one of the most renowned safari destinations in Africa, but with that has come the introduction of an ever-growing number of cookie-cutter safari properties and experiences,” says George Mavroudis, Founder of The Anasa Safari Collection. “The Anasa Safari Collection is an opportunity for travelers to return to the true essence of the East African safari experience; intimate experiences, top guiding, cultural interaction and thrilling adventure.